D.J. D-Sol Named Goldman Sachs CEO

After apparently failing to court Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D, Goldman Sachs has instead gone with lesser-known DJ D-Sol, also known as David Solomon.  Solomon, struggling to find more than one DJ gig a month, had to pick up a second job as co-president of Goldman Sachs.  In an effort to check all the new-age CEO boxes, Solomon also loves yoga and a healthy work-life balance.  For fresh-out-of-college analysts or junior traders at Goldman Sachs, this probably sounds like trance music to their ears.  Time will tell how shareholders and board members feel about the change in attitude.

While turning their $32B multinational investment bank over to a struggling DJ/yoga instructor/Silicon Valley stereotype may seem desperate, let’s not underestimate the skillset of a DJ.  DJ-ing isn’t just throwing on a playlist and the occasional off-beat fistpump, and CEO’ing isn’t just reading reports and managing a team.  Both roles require reading the room, knowing when to push the pace faster or slower, and where to find drugs at 4 in the morning.  David Solomon, CEO, will certainly heed his own DJ D-Sol’s advice:  don’t stop.

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