Self-Proclaimed “Quirky One” At Office Incredibly Normal, Boring

Anaheim, CA – Donny Page, the office’s newest product designer, jokingly warned coworkers that he was always known as the “wacky, quirky one” at previous jobs.  Page, 30, regaled those nearby about how much he loves Harry Potter, craft beers, and fantasy football, cautioning them that he can “get a little carried away”.  Jeremy Shugart, Page’s manager, was cautiously optimistic about working in such a unique personality into the rest of the team.

“You never want to be the guy that sticks out too much, but somehow Donny just makes it all work”, Shugart commented.  Shugart hoped that their conflicting football team fandom didn’t cause an office culture implosion.

Page plans on spending the upcoming weekend with his wife car-shopping for their next Toyota Camry and continuing to never travel outside the country.


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