Office Hero Boldly Responds to Email While on Vacation

La Jolla, CA – Anna Greer, Director of Operations at Sufity, responded to a group email, despite being on vacation.  A low priority email chain about their newsletter send time had reached consensus on moving to earlier in the day.  Despite being out of town, Greer made sure to respond as well with a succinct “I agree”.

“Look, we knew the risks of adjusting the rhythm our email recipients have grown used to”, Stacy Parsons, Sufity’s email marketing manager, said.  “And sure, the CEO, COO, the VP of Strategy, the VP of Sales, Director of Product, the lead designer, our two contractors and every website on the internet agreed with our decision.  But when Anna chimed in, I felt like we had a slam dunk on our hands.”

When Parsons found out Greer sent the email on a day when she wasn’t supposed to work, she could only chuckle and shake her head.

Greer’s boyfriend, David Thurmer, was elated as well.  “There I was, right in the middle of proposing to her, and she stops to check email”, Thurmer recalled.  “That’s when I thought, ‘wow, her company really has a keeper'”.

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